A photographic artwork series behind the curtains Life and soul of an acrobats’ passion
by Jan E. Siebert & Vanessa Sweekhorst
The result of the work by Vanessa Sweekhorst and Jan E. Siebert is artwork that creates the impression of unfiltered closeness that defies an apparent inaccessibility. The photographs are sensual but contradictory in different ways: on the one hand delicate and on the other hand powerful, they show vulnerability and at the same time invincibility, gentleness and fighting spirit and trust. The recordings are filled with the strength, grace and fascinating character of the acrobat - and they convey the passion both in front of and behind the camera lens, that is responsible for the emotionally deeply touching results.
When it comes to passion of an artist on stage
all what people usually see are results. People see the minutes on stage, the brief shining moments, when all the work pays out. They don’t see the failing over and over again that is behind every fascinating movement of ease. That you failed 99 times to be able to achieve that one time. That ones aren’t just lucky or having ease at reaching goals, but consistent and with a tough shell to swallow disappointments. People see the achievements, the medals, the long cv. The show lights, costume and make-up, the rhinestones on the costume, the joy. Effortlessness and weightlessness. What you don‘t see, are thousands of hours of dedication, exhaustion and strains, that go with perfecting ones craft.
Raw and uncut is a photographic series by star photographer
Jan E.Siebert
about an acrobat, showing with tremendous photographic sensitivity a part, which is usually hidden from any outside eye. A delicately pictured series which developed unplanned, in an improvised backstage training corner with just one light. It shows raw, unedited and uncut the vulnerability though strength of acrobat Vanessa Sweekhorst, who is dedication her life to her passion. Working on her craft 6 days a week, passing 1700 empty seats in an empty theatre day after day again over the last pandemic year to reach her training spot, to stay ready, sharing and inspiring with passion, when the curtain can rise again.